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Does your child know how to revise?  Show them how to maximise information while mastering question-answering skills, with this free downloadable guide.

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The revision tips and techniques every student must know

Learning how to revise properly will increase confidence and reduce stress during in-class assessments and formal exams. What’s more, utilising revision techniques effectively can also lead to improved performance and better grades.

On the flip side, approaching revision poorly can result in confusion, burnout, damaged morale and low performance. Despite revision being such an important skill, few children are given the revision instruction they need during mainstream education. Fortunately, we can help!

Our free revision guide is suitable for children and teens of ALL AGES and can be used in relation to ANY SUBJECT.

What’s included

The difference between revision and studying

The difference between revision and studying

Creating a revision plan

Fun, free revision activities

Adopting the right attitude

Learn professional revision techniques, from the UK’s finest tutors.

Tutoring Heroes’ tutors specialise in helping students aged 7 to 16 years old improve test scores and exam grades, with confidence-building lessons in maths and English.

maths tutor Guernsey
maths tutor Guernsey

What could your child achieve with the right revision plan in place?

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