Maths Tutors Aldershot

Since 2019, Tutoring Heroes has been delivering professional maths tuition in Aldershot. Our online reviews from students and parents in the Aldershot area are testimony to the hard work and dedication our team of talented maths tutors puts into each session.

The very first maths lessons we delivered at the beginning of the Tutoring Heroes journey were held in smaller community spaces such as the Aldershot Baptist Church, supporting groups of two to three students, once or twice a week. We always hoped that these maths lessons would build in popularity and blossom, so we could share our love for maths with as many students as possible. We were not disappointed. By the end of our first year we had expanded, and our Aldershot maths tutors were delivering classes in bigger venues such as Aldershot’s West End Centre, on a regular basis.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 forced us, as with many other businesses, to rethink our formula and come up with an innovative way to deliver maths lessons to our students in Aldershot. We moved to online maths tutoring to ensure that there was little disruption to our students’ academic schedules. Although at first we were worried about how this change would alter the tutoring experience and change the positive learning environment we had nurtured, it turned out to work much better than expected.

Scheduling and delivering online tuition was more convenient. By going online, we could offer more options with flexible tutors. The private maths lessons became more accessible to students who previously had struggled to find time to attend extracurricular classes with their parents’ commitments, especially at the weekends. By switching to online tuition our maths tutors could focus on delivering one-to-one tuition so the sessions became more enriching, built around each student’s individual strengths and challenges, personality and learning style.

There were also other unforeseen advantages to moving to online tuition. Previously we only recruited maths tutors from the Aldershot area to teach our classes but by moving online we could cherry-pick talent from all over the UK.

Due to positive feedback from parents and students with this new model of learning, Tutoring Heroes decided to continue providing online, private maths tuition.
As of mid-2023, our team of maths tutors has empowered over 200 students in and around Aldershot and supported students from several schools in the area such as Alderwood Primary and Senior Schools, St Michael’s Junior School and The Wavell School.

Whatever the level of a student’s ability or the stage they are at in school, we can match them with the perfect maths tutor. We help children at primary school grasp addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, right the way up to helping secondary school GCSE students master trigonometry. Our maths tutors have helped students with their GCSE exam preparation, to achieve not only their predicted GCSE maths grade but to surpass it and reach heights they had no idea they were capable of!

So if you are looking for a private maths tutor in Aldershot, get in contact. All of our tutors have been background-checked.

Why trust Tutoring Heroes for your child's maths tutoring?

We have a three-pronged approach to ensure our students achieve academic success in maths.

Boost Skills

We only hire the best maths tutors to join the Tutoring Heroes team. Every one of our tutors not only possesses a high level of expertise in mathematics but they also have the personality and charisma to engage students in the subject area and communicate complex ideas with clarity. By delivering classes with empathy and respect for each student’s unique way of learning, our tutors find the ideal environment to create a positive learning experience.

Encourage Enjoyment

Every student has a different learning style that can’t always be catered for by their maths teacher in the normal classroom setting. During our one-to-one sessions, our maths tutors build an understanding of what makes each student flourish. Our tutors know that a student who is enjoying a class is more engaged with the subject and more likely to attribute a positive mindset to maths that will continue to boost their confidence and ability. This is especially important in students who have negative beliefs about their ability to master the topic. By regularly reflecting upon a student’s progress and giving positive feedback, our maths tutors reinforce a student’s confidence that dedication and persistence breeds success.

Build Confidence

Understanding that learning isn’t just about reading a textbook but absorbing knowledge that will stay with students for the rest of their lives and help them to gain important life skills, is at the core of what we do at Tutoring Heroes. Academic performance is greatly enhanced when a student understands ‘the point of it’. We believe that by creating an encouraging and nurturing environment around mathematics through our private tuition, students can understand the real-life applications, build self-confidence and self-belief to thrive in the subject area.

Meet some of our tutors

Lily is a maths tutor with superb communication skills. Her ability to listen and adapt her tutoring style to each student’s learning style is testimony to the level of empathy and understanding she possesses. Prior to being part of the Tutoring Heroes team, Lily supported students with exam preparation for SATs and 11+, helping them to overcome their mathematical blocks and areas where they lacked confidence.

What makes Lily a stand-out private tutor is her planning, management and organisation skills. She is always on time and prepared to deliver fun and informative maths tuition sessions to students in and around Aldershot. Lily is currently pursuing a BSc in Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London.

In her free time Lily enjoys keeping her mind sharp and boosting her analytical skills by working her way through problem solving puzzles such as sudoku. She is also a passionate sports person and a team player having played a crucial position for her county’s netball team.

Sam is not only an incredibly talented mathematician and all-round high achiever but he also cares deeply about making a positive impact on others. His interpersonal skills and passion for helping others made him a perfect addition to our maths tutoring team.

Having gained impressive straight As including an A* in his A levels (Chemistry, Biology and Maths), Sam is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath.

Aside from excelling in his academic pursuits, Sam also exudes an abundance of empathy and understanding which is reflected in his maths tuition. He has built these skills in a variety of ways: by volunteering at a general hospital through the Institute of Directors Future Leaders Scheme; by volunteering for a social enterprise that provides education, training and employment programmes for people with learning disabilities; assisting in coaching football sessions with primary school children; and delivering personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) lessons to younger students through undertaking peer-mental health training.

Sam’s level of commitment to helping others with compassion, patience and strong interpersonal skills is in alignment with the ethos of Tutoring Heroes. He has helped many students at both primary school and secondary school to evolve their skills, combat their learning blocks and develop a more positive relationship with maths.

Amy is very passionate maths tutor and shares her knowledge for the subject with enthusiasm. Having gained a staggering 10 A*s at GCSE level and hitting exceptional heights in her A levels with A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Physics, she is now undertaking a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Durham.

Amy has had the opportunity to work with lots of young people through her work as an activity leader for the Oxford International Education Group. Through this work she realised that she really enjoyed and excelled in working with children and organising activities that would grow their skills and develop their individual learning style whilst having fun. Since becoming a private tutor for the Tutoring Heroes team, she has helped many students in Aldershot to unlock their true potential in maths and face their fears in regards to the subject.

In her free time Amy loves to take part in sports and is a key member of the St Mary’s College rowing and hockey teams at her university.

Academic levels that we support

Our maths tutors offer private tuition to students of all levels in Aldershot, starting from primary school and prep school. Our 1-to-1 online tuition supports students from ages 7-18, which means our youngest students are in Key Stage 2 (KS2) i.e. ages 7 to 11 (years 3, 4, 5 and 6). The focus of our maths tutors is to support students in their learning objectives and complement the units and topics they are studying with their primary teacher at school, in alignment with the national curriculum. We promote a teaching style that builds functional skills whilst adding elements of fun to create a rapport with pupils.

Exams can be very daunting for primary school students especially when they are sitting exams for the first time. Our private maths lessons can focus on supporting students and preparing them ahead of their SATs, 11+, 13+ and school entrance exams by revising past papers and running through mock exams. Our patient tutors focus on finding each student’s learning style, with an approach to tutoring that will build their math skills and confidence so they can perform their best when it matters.

For maths students who are in secondary school, in years 7, 8 and 9 (aged 11 to 14), our expert tutors offer support focused on the Key Stage 3 (KS3) maths curriculum. At GCSE level our online tutors offer maths revision support for the GCSE exam on a one-to-one basis. Our flexible tutors provide maths classes that fit around a student’s current academic schedule and preferred lesson times. We understand that students are busy and time is often limited. For this reason, we only hire enthusiastic tutors who are punctual, professional and deliver on time. Our team is already supporting many math students in the local area who are attending schools such as Alderwood School. The reviews on our site are testament to the remarkable progress that students make with our team.

For those who are working towards international qualifications such as Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics, our private tutoring can help individual students master the IGCSE maths exam content and get ahead with our bespoke tutoring courses. Our tutors develop mathematical understanding in alignment with the IGCSE course content so students can improve their problem-solving capabilities and build their maths knowledge.

Tutoring Heroes also provides support to students studying for their AS and A level maths qualifications whichever the exam board. Our passionate tutors can help with maths revision and preparation through mock exam questions and exam paper practice. Through reviewing exam questions our maths tutors help students to develop an understanding not only of the mathematical concepts but also the marking criteria so they can maximise on every single mark, to gain excellent exam results and boost their grade.

Our online tutors have extensive knowledge and are ready to offer online support aligned with a student’s learning preferences so they build subject knowledge and have a rewarding experience.