12 Benefits of Online Maths Tutoring

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Many parents we talk to in Jersey and Guernsey come to us because their child is struggling at school.  One-size-fits-all curriculums and large class sizes can result in children falling behind with their learning.  This is especially the case when it comes to subjects that some students find particularly difficult, such as maths.


Many parents struggle to help their children with maths problems and in-person maths tutoring in Jersey can seem unaffordable. If the problem isn’t addressed quickly, the child’s confidence and maths skills may suffer; however, a growing number of parents are finding a solution through online tutoring platforms, such as Tutoring Heroes.  If you are a parent living in Jersey or Guernsey, and are interested in learning what online maths tutoring is, and what benefits it could offer your child, read on.


What Is Online Maths Tutoring?

Online maths tutoring is becoming one of the most common forms of maths learning in the UK.  As with in-person or private tutoring, an online maths tutor guides your child’s study, helps them improve their skills, and perhaps even to come to love maths!  The tutoring process takes place on an online platform, which brings many benefits.  Some online tutoring providers serve families only in their immediate area.  This allows them to be able to meet with parents and students in-person before commencing online tutoring.  Tutoring Heroes does exactly this; providing online tutoring, with that additional personal touch, to families in Jersey and Guernsey.  


12 Benefits of Online Maths Tutoring


1. Affordability

Most parents are aware of how costly in-person tutoring can be in Jersey and Guernsey, as well as the shortage of tutors available on both islands. Parents on a tight budget can struggle to offer their children the help that they need because of the high prices of private classes.

Online tutoring is much more affordable, partly because there are no travel costs, making it much better value for money than in-person tutoring.  You no longer need to compromise when it comes to your child’s education.


2. Time-saving

Extra travel to a tutoring centre is unwelcome to both parent and child, particularly on a school day.  Moreover, tutoring centres often have limited opening times. 

Online tutoring not only offers increased flexibility, it also saves time and money and is environmentally friendly.  


3. Flexibility in Location

One of the biggest advantages of online maths tutoring is that you and your child can pick the location in which they feel most comfortable and ready to learn.  

Whether this is in a particular room at home or somewhere else with internet access, online tutoring provides a comfortable learning environment!



4. Algorithms

It is so important that your child’s tutor is a good match for them.  A tutor who works well with one student may not be the right fit for your own child. Hence, testing the waters before jumping right in is a wise move.

The good news is that online tutoring providers can use algorithms to match your child with the right tutor.  You will be asked a series of questions when booking your first session so that the best possible match is made.  Additionally, many online tutoring platforms offer free taster sessions so that you and your child can ‘test out’ a tutor.


5. Personalised Learning

Even in the relatively good schools in Jersey and Guernsey the one-size-fits-all curriculum can leave some children behind, leading parents to seek extra help.

Online tutoring solves this problem since a personalised curriculum is tailored to every child’s diverse learning needs.  Subjects like maths often require that level of customisation to ensure that students achieve their potential.


6. Increased Choice

You may have numerous options when you choose an in-person tutor. Nevertheless, you’ll always be restricted by geography, meaning that the right choice could be too far away.  The reality in Jersey and Guernsey is that their limited sizes restricts the number of tutors there are available, as well as the quality of tutors available.  

With online maths tutoring, there are no location-related limitations, hence, there are more available options, so you won’t need to settle for a tutor or centre that you are not 100% confident in.


7. Improvement of Technological Skills

Before the Covid-19 pandemic many of us had never encountered video conferencing programmes such as Zoom, and many found it a little confusing at first.  Now, most of us are adept at taking part in remote gatherings – including children.

In today’s world, a child’s technological skills are almost as important as motor or reading skills.  Online tutoring will benefit your child not only in the subject matter but also in vital digital skills.


8. Making Maths Fun

Although most parents and teachers don’t like to admit it, many children find school learning boring, repetitive, and uninspiring, particularly subjects like maths.  It can be difficult to keep children engaged in textbook learning.

Many online maths tutoring programs include gamification and interactive activities that help young learners forget that they are learning a school subject.  Instead of growing to dread certain subjects, children will start to look forward to them.


9. Focus

One-on-one tutoring is more effective than teaching students in large groups; there is no doubt about it. 

Your child is the online tutor’s only priority and has their full attention.  In a typical Jersey and Guernsey school, students are in classes of 25+, leaving some feeling neglected.

In addition, it is much easier for your child to focus when there are no classmates to distract them. Effective learning is much easier when there are no other children talking and vying for the teacher’s attention.

Ultimately, one-on-one maths tutoring sessions are far more productive, and children can learn more in one hour of online tutoring than in weeks of maths lessons at school. 


10. Downloadable Resources

Another advantage that online maths tutoring has over other types of learning is downloadable resources.

During school lessons and in-person tutoring, children must choose between focusing on the lesson or making notes. 

If they focus on the lesson, they will not have the resources to study with when they are alone; if they focus on making notes at the expense of listening and absorbing the lesson, they may not fully understand what they are writing.  This is another reason why children often have unproductive experiences with traditional learning.

However, online maths tutoring allows your child to focus on the lesson, use effective learning tools, and download all the resources and past papers that they need to properly absorb the material.  Moreover, some online tutoring providers, including Tutoring Heroes, allow students to access their previously completed learning by simply logging on to their online whiteboard.


11. Safety

Online tutoring is not only about the convenience of the child being in their own home, but also their safety.  Sessions are recorded and parents can check in on their child during sessions, which is impractical with in-person tutoring.



12. Immediate Feedback

Parents can be in the dark about how well their children are doing in maths at school.  It is impossible for a teacher to give regular, meaningful feedback to the possibly 150+ students they teach. 

Online maths tutoring shines once again in letting your child know how they are doing through immediate feedback.  Whether it is through email or during the session, the tutor can offer immediate feedback and address any weaknesses.

Positive feedback makes the child feel rewarded for their efforts and encouraged to do more, while targeted feedback identifies specific areas they need to improve.

Hence, children progress much faster using online maths tutoring than other methods of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring has many benefits for the child and parent.  It saves both time and money and is convenient in terms of location and choices, which is particulalry beneficial when living on relatively small islands such as Jersey and Guernsey! Both the tutor and child communicate better and share feedback more efficiently.  The learning is tailored for the child, the learning process is more fun and engaging, and all the resources and tools are available 24/7.


Is Online Tutoring Effective?

Online tutoring is all about effectiveness.  The child learns in a familiar environment and has the undivided attention of their tutor.  The tutor tailors the learning according to the areas in which the child needs to improve.

Additionally, the learning process is often more fun and engaging than with other forms of learning. The fact that children have access to all kinds of resources and tools means that they can spend more time studying and revising effectively. 


Is Online Tutoring Cheaper?

Absolutely! Online tutoring is much more affordable because there are no travel costs, saving time and money, and the environment.


Do Maths Tutors Really Help?

Yes, they do.  Maths is one of the most tutored subjects on the planet, and the right tutor makes an enormous difference. Maths tutors provide your child with undivided attention to guide them through this tricky subject.  Most students show considerable improvement and many even come to enjoy maths once they are able to understand it.

Tutors also provide students with personalised materials that target their unique skills and personalities, something that even relatively good schools in Jersey and Guernsey have neither the time nor resources to offer.


Why Do Students Need Tutoring?

Most parents do not have the time or skills necessary to help their children with maths. Additionally, children often respond better to outside help and are more willing to accept support from a tutor who is not mum or dad! 

Children become increasingly less motivated if they struggle with maths at school, which in turn affects their confidence and can result in a rapid downward spiral.  Getting help from a professional tutor can turn the problem around by motivating the child, increasing their confidence, and getting them back on track.


Final Thoughts

Overall, online maths tutoring is highly beneficial for any child struggling with the subject or looking to reach their maximum potential.  It is cost-effective, timesaving, convenient, productive, personalised, fun, and safe.  There are virtually no compromises to make, and that is what your child’s education deserves.


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