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Tutoring Heroes has been fully operational in the Basingstoke area since 2019. Online you will find 200+ reviews from students and parents who highly recommend our experienced maths tutors which is testimony to our professional high standards and dedication to delivering the very best maths tuition in the area.

At the beginning of our journey, our Tutoring Heroes team was delivering maths lessons to groups of two to three students in small community spaces just once or twice a week. We quickly realised that there was a big demand for quality extracurricular maths tuition in the area. Within a year demand had grown and our maths tutors in Basingstoke were all set to relocate our sessions to a larger venue (Rooksdown Community Centre).

However, in 2020, just as our classes were in full swing, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. As with many other businesses we were forced to reinvent ourselves. We stopped our in-person maths tutoring in Basingstoke and moved to online maths classes. Although we were initially concerned about this being a disruption to the students’ learning process and the positive learning environment our team had created, it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

By transforming Tutoring Heroes to online tuition, our maths tutors were able to deliver more personalised classes. This meant a tutor could find each student’s unique strengths, challenges and learning style and adapt their sessions to fully support them. Teaching schedules became much more flexible which meant our services became available to those who previously couldn’t attend our in-person classes. We saw a notable difference in our pupils’ progression and confidence in their mathematical abilities.

Our move to online tutoring has also allowed us to provide students with not only the best maths tutors from the Basingstoke area but across the UK. Since mid 2023, our team of inspiring tutors has empowered hundreds of students from many of Basingstoke’s primary schools including Oakridge Junior School and St Bede’s Catholic Primary School, and secondary schools such as The Hurst Community College and Costello School.

The Tutoring Heroes team can offer learning support to students whatever their ability or the stage they are at in school. Sometimes students just need extra time to build basic skills that their maths teacher may not be able to provide, others need help with more complex topic areas. Whether a pupil is in primary school and needs help with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, or in secondary school undertaking their GCSEs, our approach to tutoring can help them to unlock their full potential and thrive.
Whatever the level of a student’s ability or the stage they are at in school, we can match them with the perfect maths tutor. We help children at primary school grasp addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, right the way up to helping secondary school GCSE students master trigonometry. Our maths tutors have helped students with their GCSE exam preparation, to achieve not only their predicted GCSE maths grade but to surpass it and reach heights they had no idea they were capable of!

If you require a Basingstoke maths tutor who is fully background-checked, get in contact today.

Why trust Tutoring Heroes for your child's maths tutoring?

There are three core aspects to our methodology to make sure students achieve academic success in maths.

Raise Skills

Strong communication skills are key to building a productive relationship between student and tutor. Our maths tutors have been hand-picked because they understand maths curriculum requirements and know exactly how to pin-point areas in which a student is struggling. They then creatively find ways to boost a student’s knowledge of the subject and independent learning skills so they can make their own informed decisions when problem-solving.

Emphasise Enjoyment

When a student is not having fun, learning maths can be a miserable pursuit. This is why we only hire expert tutors who have a deep passion for the subject and more importantly, know how to transfer that enjoyment onto their students so they are truly engaged, through effective teaching methods. Learning is an enriching experience when a perfect balance is met between enjoyment and knowledge building.

Cultivate Confidence

Often when a student isn’t succeeding in a subject area it can damage their confidence, make them reluctant to speak up in class and ask questions. Our experienced tutors are skilled in creating a supportive environment and a safe place for students to ask questions and grasp tricky mathematical concepts. By creating a positive learning environment and implementing ways that reinforce and highlight a student’s progress, we see students quickly excel and their confidence skyrocket with real passion.

Meet some of our tutors

Ariana is a maths tutor with an abundance of empathy and organisational skills. Having gained excellent GCSE and A level grades especially in maths, chemistry and biology, she is now pursuing a BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Nottingham.

Before joining the Tutoring Heroes team, Ariana worked in a supportive role at summer camps in Buckinghamshire, organising and leading activities designed to promote physical, mental and social development in children. She has also gained valuable experience in the classroom whilst assisting qualified teachers through classroom management and helping to maintain a positive learning environment.

As a maths tutor she is skilled in developing enrichment materials and resource files to support her sessions. Her attention to detail and attentive nature leads her to consistently review and assessing a student’s progress so they can recognise weaknesses and build upon their maths skills.

In her free time Ariana is a passionate musician who enjoys playing the cello, piano and ukulele.

Bartek is a multilingual talented mathematician. His advanced communication skills and passion for maths make him a valued asset to our team of maths tutors. Following his success of achieving excellent GCSE and A level grades, Bartek earned a place at the University of Nottingham to study an MSci in Physics to follow his passions: astronomy and cosmology.
Before Bartek joined the Tutoring Heroes team, he gained experience in tutoring secondary school students in maths and physics. As a tutor he supported them in their preparation and revision for their GCSE exams. His level of knowledge of maths and commitment to helping others with strong interpersonal skills is representative of the ethos of Tutoring Heroes. He has helped many students to unlock their true potential in maths and find their unique learning style.

Whilst being a university student he is also part of sports societies in Nottingham including boxing and salsa dancing.

Jane has excelled academically in maths and science. Her passion for the subjects led her to study medicine at the University of Glasgow.
Prior to becoming a tutor with the Tutoring Heroes team, Jane worked for other organisations and schools offering support to younger students. With her academic prowess and strong communication skills she gained a school tutoring background as an English and math tutor. She also built upon her tutoring experience working for Medic Mind – an organisation that helps students with their GCSEs and A-levels to get into medical school. In this role she supported students through their application process and preparation for the all-important interview stage.

Jane is a committed tutor who not only offers support in problem-solving and critical thinking but can also give top revision and effective math exam tips.

Aside from her successes academically, Jane also loves playing football and is learning to play the ukulele and keyboard.

Academic levels that we support

In Basingstoke our Tutoring Heroes offer private tuition to students starting from primary school and prep school, ages 7 to 11 (Key Stage 2 i.e. years 3, 4, 5 and 6). The extracurricular maths tuition is focused on supporting what each pupil is learning in the classroom with their primary school teacher. By focusing on each student’s learning style and objectives our experienced tutors will build a rapport with them so they can improve their functional skills whilst having fun.

We often get approached by parents who require support for primary school pupils who are facing their first exam. Sitting any kind of exam can be terrifying and for many people it’s not just about the required topic knowledge but building exam techniques – how to organise your time, manage stress and anxiety, read through the exam questions carefully, navigate an exam paper and maximise on the marking criteria. Our one-to-one customised tutoring experience can prepare students ahead of their SATs, 11+, 13+ and school entrance exams by running through mock exams and boosting their confidence so they can achieve the results they deserve.

For secondary school students in years 7, 8 and 9, our maths tutors focused on the Key Stage 3 school curriculum. At this stage maths students are facing complex mathematical concepts, and in school they may be left behind in big classes. Some students require private tuition to keep up and thrive. Extra support can also help a student stay in the higher-level classes surrounded by peers who can help them excel in the subject.

In years 10 and 11 maths students are facing their GCSEs. Our online tutors offer maths revision support for the GCSE maths exam through using mock exams to prepare and highlight problem areas of weakness that need to be improved. At this stage, one-to-one tuition can make the difference of a grade. The focus of our maths tutors is to develop mathematical understanding in alignment with the GCSE level content and improve students’ problem-solving capabilities. Our private tutors can also support maths students achieve international qualifications such as Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics.

For AS and A level students, our passionate and competent maths tutors can support them in gaining their desired qualifications whichever the exam board. Private tuition can help a student with their maths revision and exam preparation through exam paper practice and practicing exam board questions. At Tutoring Heroes, we understand how stressful this stage can be, the pressure to get the right grades so a student will be accepted onto their chosen course at university level can be excruciating. Our patient tutors can help a maths student grasp the marking criteria so they can gain the exam results they need to continue on their higher education journey.

Our bespoke tutoring courses can fit around busy academic schedules and other extracurricular activities. We understand that time is precious to students and their families so our online lesson times are arranged to suit each student. We only hire enthusiastic tutors who are punctual and professional. Our team of dedicated tutors is already supporting many students in the Basingstoke area who are attending schools such as Aldworth School, Everest Community Academy, Brighton Hill Community School and Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School. Take a look at the reviews on our site from parents and previous students to see our track record and the impact private maths tuition has had on their progress.