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Tutoring Heroes has been providing high quality maths tuition in Andover since 2019. Our team of dedicated and talented maths tutors have built a reputation over the years which has been reflected in the 200+ positive reviews that can be seen online from parents.

In the beginning, Tutoring Heroes was delivering maths classes to one to two students at Andover Community Church. At the time we were confident that we were providing a good quality service to students and families, and expansion was possible. By the end of the year the demand for extra maths support had surpassed our expectation and word-of-mouth recommendations had brought many other Andover students to our attention. We moved our maths classes to the larger venue of Augusta Park Community Centre to cater for the expansion.

Then 2020 came around and the Covid-19 pandemic hit our business out of nowhere. Like many other businesses in Andover during this period of time, we had to rethink our set-up and find a new way to deliver maths tuition. We decided to change our formula to deliver online tuition. Initially we were concerned that students would find it disruptive to their academic schedule and have a negative impact on the student-tutoring dynamic. It turned out to be a revelation and in fact created a more positive learning environment for our maths students.

One-on-one tutoring made sessions more enriching as our maths tutors could focus on each student’s unique learning style and objectives. The online tutors could hone in on each student’s individual strengths and challenges so we actually saw students flourish.

For many families our maths tuition became much more convenient. Scheduling was more flexible allowing students to sign up at a time of day that suited them. Other students found that as they were no longer in maths classes in school and their maths teachers were also having to adapt, extra tuition really helped them not to fall behind.

By going online, we also found that we could source the very best maths tutors from around the country to join our team. As of mid-2023, our maths tutors have empowered over 80 students in and around Andover, supporting students from local primary schools such as Anton Junior School, Balksbury Junior School and Andover Church of England Primary School and secondary schools including Harrow Way Community School, John Hanson Community School and Winton Community Academy.

If you would like to find a private maths tutor in Andover, we have the perfect maths tutor for you. Whatever stage students are at in school, we can find a maths tutor to suit them.

We implement a variety of teaching methods to help primary school pupils understand core mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, secondary school GCSE students revise for their exams and A-level students to achieve not only their predicted maths grade but to surpass it and get into their university of choice.

Why trust Tutoring Heroes for your child's maths tutoring?

There are three pillars to our mathematical tutoring success rates.

Build Skills

Sometimes students come to us feeling down about maths – they’re struggling in school, they are embarrassed to answer questions in school maths classes and they dread going to maths lessons. We find that many students just require some private tuition so they can ask those questions in a more comfortable environment. We only hire the very best private tutors who not only have a wealth of knowledge in the topic area but also have excellent interpersonal skills. They are capable of explaining a wide variety of difficult concepts within a positive learning experience.

Focus on fun

Have you ever heard a student say that maths was boring? Well we haven’t – at least not in our classes. When we pair up a student and private maths tutor we want to make sure they are going to click. We understand that a student who finds lessons fun is more likely to learn and be eager to develop a passion for the subject.

Nurture Confidence

By regularly reflecting upon a student’s progress and giving them positive feedback, our knowledgeable tutors boost a student’s confidence level. Our tutors know that this is a fundamental building block to allow maths pupils to take skills they have learnt and apply them not only academically but in the real world. Over time we see our extra learning support enable students to evolve and become much more confident in their abilities.

Meet some of our tutors

James is an academic high-flyer. Having gained excellent exam results with a total of 11 grade 9 GCSEs and a flawless set of four A*s at A level (including maths and further maths) he earned himself a place studying a BA in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

James first started giving weekly maths lessons back in 2021, while he was tutoring GCSE maths students in Oxfordshire. These maths classes gave students extra support to underpin what their qualified teacher was teaching at school. His strong background of maths knowledge positions him perfectly to deliver the high level of expertise in maths that GCSE and A level students require.

In addition to James’s passion for maths, he is also a talented musician with Grade 8 violin, trumpet and piano, and at university he has also become an enthusiastic sportsman rowing competitively for Caius College Cambridge.

Tanya has a great deal of passion for STEM-related subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). She is currently pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester.

Tanya has an impressive academic background and knows exactly how to achieve top grades. At GCSE level she achieved grade 9 in all subjects. Her A level grades were equally as impressive with an A* in economics and As in both physics and maths.

Prior to joining the Tutoring Heroes team, Tanya gained valuable experience through hosting various outreach programmes, guiding children through educational activities and is currently part of a Peer Assisted Study Scheme supporting first year university students. She knows exactly how to gear each maths class to a student’s learning style and learning needs. Tanya is an amazing tutor who is always willing to adapt her teaching methods to make sure each student progresses on their learning journey.

Paige is highly intelligent and assertive. During her GCSEs her sharp mind and hard work paid off with nine A* and one A (including economics, mathematics and additional mathematics). With four A* grades at A level in economics, mathematics, chemistry and art, Paige got a place studying a BSc in Economics and Management at King’s College London.

Fluent in three languages, Paige also impressed us with her strong communication skills. These abilities have shaped her to be a patient tutor with empathy and understanding in abundance – always looking for creative ways to share her favorite subject with her students.

Outside of her academic achievements and tutoring work, Paige is a successful entrepreneur. She runs her own online jewellery business and has already won some impressive business awards for up and coming talent.

Academic levels that we support

Our maths tutors offer high-quality tuition from primary school level in the Andover area. The extracurricular maths tuition is focused on supporting pupils studying Key Stage 2 in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The Tutoring Heroes team delivers lessons that support what students are learning in the classroom with their primary school teacher. Through one-to-one sessions our experienced tutors will define each student’s learning objective and give them the helping hand to thrive in school.

In primary school many pupils are faced with sitting their first exam. Exams are intimidating at any age and level of experience. Our tutors help students not only in the required topic knowledge in line with the maths curriculum but also work on building exam techniques. Our bespoke tutoring experience guides students ahead of taking their 11+, 13+, SATs and school entrance exams by practising exam style questions and papers. We also run through important exam techniques such as how to manage anxiety and stress, organise allotted time efficiently, read through exam questions and papers thoroughly and familiarise students with the marking criteria so they can achieve the results they are capable of.

For students at secondary school, in years 7, 8 and 9, our maths tuition is geared towards the Key Stage 3 school curriculum. At this level we find that many students come to us because they feel left behind in big classes at school and require extra support in mastering mathematical concepts such as geometry, ratios and trigonometry.

Students who are studying for their GCSEs in year 10 and 11 can come under quite a lot of pressure. GCSEs are really the first important grades that can really shape a young person’s life early on, and that can be terrifying. Our maths tutors understand this pressure and can offer an abundance of support during this time of development. We know that private tuition really can make the difference of a grade (take a look at our reviews). Our private tuition supports students with maths GCSE level content to boost students’ problem-solving capabilities as well as exam skills. We go through GCSE maths exam papers and questions to find problem areas to work through so maths students are ready to do their best on the day. For students who are studying for international qualifications such as Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics, Tutoring Heroes can also match students with a passionate math tutor who understands the requirements for this qualification.

Our one-to-one maths tuition also supports more advanced levels at AS and A level, helping students to gain the qualifications they require to get into their first university of choice. Whatever the exam board our tutors can help students understand the marketing criteria and work through tricky mathematical concepts and help with exam preparation. Our Tutoring Heroes team understands that achieving the required grades to get into university can be incredibly stressful – that is why our experienced tutors are here to help.
Tutoring Heroes specialises in offering bespoke tutoring courses that complement busy academic schedules. We understand that students (and their families) are incredibly busy and involved in a wide range of other extracurricular activities. For this reason, our online lesson times are arranged to suit each individual student’s timetable. Our dedicated tutors are professional, punctual and organised so your time is treated with respect and students can maximise their potential in every class.
Our team is already supporting many maths students in Andover and the surrounding area who are attending schools such as Wherwell Primary School, Vigo Primary School and The Knights Enham Junior School and Test Valley School, The Romsey School, The Mountbatten School.

Please take a look over the reviews we have received from parents and students to see the positive impact our private maths tuition has had on their progress.