Jenni Maths Tutor Jersey


Jenni holds a first-class BSc in Pharmacology and is now studying to be a doctor.  Alongside tutoring with Tutoring Heroes, Jenni teaches horse-riding!  Jenni is

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Aiden English Tutor Jersey


Aiden is currently studying for a Masters in Physics at Oxford University, which provides him with plenty of opportunity to apply maths more broadly.  During

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Arianna English Tutor Guernsey


Ariana is studying biochemistry at the University of Nottingham and she loves all things maths and science.  In her spare time, she loves to develop

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Jessica Maths Tutor Guernsey


Jessica is currently studying Clinical Pharmacology at St George’s University of London.  She is an avid reader, netball player and Formula 1 enthusiast.  Jessica has

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zaynab Tutor Guernsey


Studying Maths at the University of Strathclyde, Zaynab is a tutor who excels at building positive relationships with her students and instilling them with confidence.

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Emily English Tutor Guernsey


Emily is studying for a BA in English at the University of Southampton.  Having an abundance of tutoring experience, she has developed a passion for

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Conor English Tutor Guernsey


Conor is a third year Physics and Philosophy student at the University of Nottingham.  He achieved an A* and A grade in Maths and Further

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Gregory Maths Tutor Guernsey


Gregory is currently studying maths at the University of Cambridge, with the aspiration of becoming a maths teacher.  Gregory is motivated by wanting to ensure

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Marianna Maths Tutor Jersey


Marianna achieved straight As in her A-levels (including maths and English Lit).  She is currently studying Finance, Accounting and Management at the University of Nottingham. 

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Ben Maths Tutor Jersey


Ben achieved A/A/B in Maths, English and Psychology A-levels and is now in his second year at university where he is studying Primary Education.  Maths

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mel English Tutor Jersey


Mel is currently studying for her Masters in Theoretical Physics, and enjoys being able to pass her enthusiasm for maths on to her students.  From

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Chloe Maths Tutor Jersey


Chloe is studying Primary Education at Northumbria University.  She oozes patience, enthusiasm and empathy and loves seeing her pupils make progress.  In her A- levels

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